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# Brooklyn2Bogota

Learn from the best

We are a community working for Hispanic small businesses so they can adapt and grow in the digital reality * accelerated by the 2020 pandemic.

# Brooklyn2Bogota does it with education, mentoring and networking.


incubation program

A ten-week training program that provides knowledge and tools to accelerate your growth in the new digital reality.

We work on exponential mindset, digital tools and leadership.


thematic mentoring

Expert mentoring sessions between members.

There are individual sessions for those participating in the incubation program and public conversations that we broadcast on our networks.

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A private network to connect Mentors and Participants who complete the incubation program.


It is focused on trust, excellence and growth

We also have highly useful public content and a community that shares the values and interests on Facebook.

We focus on three axes: Leadership, Product and Growth.

The ten-week training program provides tools so that those who participate in the program can acquire skills to accelerate the growth of their company in the new digital reality, have support to define the transformation they require and acquire knowledge related to design thinking methodologies and agile.

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Our Background

This incubator has been created in order to help reduce the digital divide - which has become even more evident with COVID-19 - and strengthen the knowledge of businessmen and entrepreneurs, especially of Latino origin - both in the New York / New Jersey as in Latin America.


This is how we have decided to create this incubator, based on three fundamental pillars: Leadership, Product and Growth.


After a rigorous process of selecting participants by cohort, the program will be taught, at least initially, free of charge. We are working on the search for alliances and sponsorships that make this initiative sustainable and through which we can provide great opportunities to mentors and participants.


The incubation process will take place during ten (10) uninterrupted weeks, where the entrepreneurs selected in the respective cohort will receive theoretical sessions and panels of specialized topics, dictated by carefully selected mentors for each area.

Business Team

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